Minnesota – 2012 Road Trip – Day 14 – Across the State

The following morning we crossed over into Minnesota taking a more or less direct route to Minneapolis/St Paul. This route took us through a small town called New Ulm, a town very proud of their German heritage. We stopped at a small restaurant for lunch, which was ok, but nothing memorable, so much so I don’t even recall the name of the restaurant.

2012 07 12 2 Minnesota.jpg



After a brief stop in a St Paul suburb of Hastings to tour a historic house, we headed into the middle of the city.

2012 07 12 69 St Paul Minnesota.jpg



While in St Paul we stopped and toured the Minnesota State Capital, as well as the park grounds, which had a Lindbergh statue.

2012 07 12 64 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


2012 07 12 74 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


Having seen well over 20 state capitals at this point, the Minnesota one looks pretty much like all the others, although they did have some nice gold statues on the outside.

2012 07 12 56 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


2012 07 12 70 St Paul Minnesota.jpg



Leaving St Paul we drove along the Mississippi River road through the neighborhoods into Minneapolis. This route took us into the University of Minnesota campus. The area had a feel much like Ohio State, as it is in a large city, but still maintains a distinct college campus feel.

2012 07 13 24 Minneapolis.jpg



Closer to downtown we stopped in a neighborhood of refurbished flour factories and other post industrial chic type of places. Being directly on the river across from downtown it has a very hipster vibe to it.

2012 07 12 100 Minneapolis.jpg



Connecting it to downtown is a footbridge called the Stone Arch Bridge, is a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls. It is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length of Mississippi River, and also the second oldest next to Eads Bridge, which we saw in St Louis at the beginning of the trip.

2012 07 12 90 Minneapolis.jpg



Returning to our car, we drove across the river and cruised around downtown, passing Target Field, the Metrodome, and other landmarks. Again crossing the river on the Washington Avenue Bridge. The bridge has two decks, with the lower deck designated for cars and light rail trains and the upper deck used for pedestrians and bicycles.

2012 07 12 85 Minneapolis.jpg