Buffalo – May 2017 – Downtown and Harbor Area highlights

Buffalo is an old industrial city that has had a declining population for 50 years. As a result of being a major city prior to 1950 they have a lot of interesting older architecture. As with many rust belt cities, they have also worked to reinvent themselves, sometimes in creative ways.

Buffalo had more grain silos than any city in the world, as a result of their position on the Great Lakes. Many are now abandoned.

2017 05 13 99 Buffalo.jpg


Some have been partially torn down and now serve as a restaurant setting, albeit a very unusual one complete with rebar. Next door on one of the standing silos is one of the largest climbing walls in the country.

2017 05 13 201 Buffalo Riverworks.jpg


Some have been repainted as giant beer cans.

2017 05 13 206 Buffalo Riverworks.jpg


The harbor has a mix of old and new, complete with lift bridges.

2017 05 13 210 Buffalo Riverworks.jpg


Built in 1900, and serving Buffalo ever since the Edward Cotter is the worlds oldest active fireboat, and it serves as an ice breaker in the winter.

2017 05 13 220 Buffalo.jpg


Buffalo & Erie County Military Park

2017 05 14 80 Buffalo.jpg


Federal Courthouse – old and new.

2017 05 13 238 Buffalo.jpg


Grover Cleveland – Buffalo native

2017 05 13 241 Buffalo.jpg


Art deco Buffalo City Hall. Note the Canadian flag alongside the American flag. With Canada a mile away across the Niagara River nearly every place that had a U.S. flag had a Canadian flag.

2017 05 13 247 Buffalo.jpg


McKinley Monument at the location of his assassination.

2017 05 13 254 Buffalo.jpg


A cool old bank building.

2017 05 13 275 Buffalo.jpg


Amazingly for such a small city Buffalo has a train system.

2017 05 13 280 Buffalo.jpg


A great theater district.

2017 05 13 283 Buffalo.jpg


Finally the Liberty Building has twin Statues of Liberty.

2017 05 13 296 Buffalo.jpg