Columbus – March 2019 – St Patrick’s Day Parade

Do you know where I can find a parade?

Just follow St Patrick, and his snake shaped staff.

The annual St Patrick’s Day Parade was in downtown Columbus.

It included (I think) the flags of all the counties in Ireland.

The Irishman of the Year – I think the dog should be the winner.

The ‘official leprechaun’??? Love to see that on a CV/Resume.

They dyed the horses legs and tail green!

While most of the marchers were from the Shamrock Club of Columbus, they had a few others including these youth Irish dancers (from Columbus – not Ireland).

There were a few cool costumes.

A couple of antique fire trucks.

The Columbus Police & Fire Department Pipes and Drums were the best musicians in the group.

And with that the parade was over. Sorry Irish – the Slovenians in Cleveland had a much livelier parade (and I have neither heritage so it is an unbiased opinion)

Cleveland – March 2019 – Chasing Away Those Winter Blues, Slovenian Style

Cleveland has always had a large population of people from throughout eastern Europe, including Slovakia. As a result there are a number of festivals coming from those regions.

For this cold Saturday we went to check out Kurentovanje’ – which is a Slovenian festival to chase away winter. Held at the Slovenian National Home on the east side of Cleveland, the hall was full of activities.

The band was playing polkas. They were very talented, and the audience appreciated it.

Numerous ladies had recently made headdresses

The highlight of the day is the parade. I have found for the best photos it is imperative to go to the staging area as they gather.

I am not really sure about someone sitting on his ‘throne’ with a shield, skull staff and motorcycle helmet, but it was just the beginning of the strangeness (and fun).

This pleasant young lady was soon to become the devil.

There were a number of groups dressed in historic ethnic attire.

The Krampus crowd came back from Christmas.

Another band was warming up, or just trying to stay warm.

The Polish apples?

Finally the parade started…. Slovenian flags were everywhere.

The parade featured all the ethnic groups, as well as the local high school drum and dance team.

The Kurent wranglers were keeping them all in line.

The Kurentovanje Festival and Parade was yet another great celebration. Hopefully they do indeed scare winter away soon.

Columbus – December 2018 – Krampus Returns

It is that season again – Krampus! For those who have forgotten, Krampus is a horned figure used to scare little German kids into behaving during Christmas so they get presents.

Columbus has a small, but colorful, Krampus parade.



















































































Cleveland – November 2018 – Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

In Mexican culture the Day of the Dead is celebrated the first two days of November. This celebration honors the memory of those who have passed on.

Presented by the Cleveland Public Theater and Artistas Latinos Unios, Cleveland has had a Dia de Muertos for 14 years.

2018 11 03 134 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Most participants paint their faces.

2018 11 03 136 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



While it might seem morbid, it is in fact a joyous occasion that is intended to dispel fear of death and embracing the cycle of life.

2018 11 03 137 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



In Cleveland many non Latino people participated.

2018 11 03 143 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



While most had face paintings, traditionally hand made clay skulls are also used.

2018 11 03 145 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



The Cleveland Public Theater is housed in a former church. Inside they had a number of exhibits set up.

This young lady had one honoring her family.

2018 11 03 150 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



As did this young lady. Note in the back numerous photos and offerings to her deceased family members. Throughout the church/theater and outside in the ‘pop up’ cemetery were a number of such altars (known in Spanish as ofrendas)

2018 11 03 152 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



One of the event coordinators was ready.

2018 11 03 181 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



It was a really cool event, with lots of great looks.

2018 11 03 184 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Stylish and macabre at the same time.

2018 11 03 185 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Finally it was time for the procession to begin…..

2018 11 03 190 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



One of the bands lead the march.

2018 11 03 193 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Anyone who had signed up and was in ‘costume’ could participate.

2018 11 03 194 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Some clearly had spent more time putting together their look.

2018 11 03 195 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



One of my favorites.

2018 11 03 201 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Many entire families participated.

2018 11 03 215 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



This young lady had the face painting but the rest of her family wore the masks.

2018 11 03 216 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Happy skeletons!

2018 11 03 218 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



The origins date back thousands of years and coincide with the annual harvest. It combined Aztec and Christian practices.

2018 11 03 224 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Today is has become so popular in the United States even places like Party City sell merchandise for the celebration, although these ladies clearly did better than going down the local Party City.

2018 11 03 232 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Not sure why, but it seems every Cleveland parade has a number of people on stilts. But what’s not to like in a 10′ skeleton lady coming down Detroit Avenue!

2018 11 03 239 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



More stilted skeletons.

2018 11 03 248 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



A few had more simple masks, which this guy used to accent his great suit.

2018 11 03 254 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Historically in Cleveland most of the Latinos were Puerto Rican, but they too have embraced the event.

2018 11 03 262 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Also participating was a Horse Drawn Funeral Carriage. Note the very stylish job on the horse’s hooves.

2018 11 03 268 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



The carriage had a mannequin complete with mask.

2018 11 03 271 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg



Dia de Mertos was a fantastic event – I can’t wait for next November. Look for one in a city near you.

2018 11 03 280 Cleveland Day of the Dead Parade.jpg





Pittsburgh – July 2018 – Back to the Furries

It’s July – It’s Pittsburgh – That can only mean one thing – THE FURRIES ARE BACK!


2018 07 07 116 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



You see them everywhere – in the hotel.

2018 07 07 118 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Wandering the streets.

2018 07 07 123 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Looking cool on the escalator.

2018 07 07 132 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Purrrrr (not so sure about the skeleton suit though – didn’t have the nerve to ask).

2018 07 07 139 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Where could all these furry people/animals be going?

2018 07 07 142 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Cramming into the elevator.

2018 07 07 145 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Calling their other furry friends.

2018 07 07 150 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Looking out for each other with giant eyes.

2018 07 07 151 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Hey lady – a little help with my tail please, I am in a hurry ….

2018 07 07 152 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



To gather together to get ready for the highlight – The Furry Parade! (to be fair I found this balcony where I could see them gathering and was promptly kicked out as they said it was off limits because furries don’t like to have their photos taken with their heads off 🙂

2018 07 07 154 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Kicked out of the overview, we made our way downstairs to find a good spot for the parade. A few furries were still making their way to the hall but still stop for photos.

It is immediately obvious if you are going to dress in a furry animal outfit you want your photo taken – so it is the easiest gathering anywhere to get people/animals/whatever to pose.

2018 07 07 162 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



And with that the lead furry bangs his symbol and the parade starts.

2018 07 07 167 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Strutting their stuff.

2018 07 07 175 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



High fives from this (fill in the blank – I don’t know)

2018 07 07 192 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Some came close by to say hi.

2018 07 07 195 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Ta- Da

2018 07 07 198 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



A paw wave was very popular too.

2018 07 07 207 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



More ‘Ta Da’

2018 07 07 213 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Hoping the rose wasn’t for me.

2018 07 07 228 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Name that animal.

2018 07 07 234 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



The band (yes they were playing their instruments in their furry suits).

2018 07 07 241 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



This couple had matching wing suits. She (?) took a tumble and the crowd went ‘oohh’. When he (?) helped her (?) up they went ‘ahhh’. Fur Suit RomCom.

2018 07 07 249 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



A local.

2018 07 07 252 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



There were a few ‘non furries’. While this, and other things we did this weekend, were repeats, they are totally worth seeing a second time. And thus began our repeat weekend in the Burgh.

2018 07 07 262 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg





Columbus – July 2018 – It’s Doo Dah Time Again

July 4th in Columbus can only mean one thing – It’s Doo Dah time again – let’s have a parade.

As usual there is some political satire.

2018 07 04 4 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Some play on words (read the sign)

2018 07 04 15 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




2018 07 04 19 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Apparently now since Mexico is off limits we now get our weed from Canada

2018 07 04 33 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The block party was going full tilt.

2018 07 04 42 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters

2018 07 04 50 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Primed for the parade.

2018 07 04 52 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The toaster car lady in a moment of reflection.

2018 07 04 54 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Clearly the saddest thing this country has recently done is the separation of children at the border – you knew this would be called out today.

2018 07 04 64 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters.

2018 07 04 67 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The wrestlers are here every year, but always welcome.

2018 07 04 68 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



For some it was just too much.

2018 07 04 85 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The Grand Marshal.

2018 07 04 86 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




An eclectic band.

2018 07 04 88 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



I think we missed her at the washboard music festival a few weeks back.

2018 07 04 95 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



One of the ‘art cars’

2018 07 04 116 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Miss Liberty made an appearance.

2018 07 04 117 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



An alien made it across the border to join the band.

2018 07 04 121 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Even more characters.

2018 07 04 131 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing sci-fi and political satire.

2018 07 04 141 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing middle aged hula dancers with zombies.

2018 07 04 156 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The neighborhood (Short North) is undergoing tremendous growth where they are tearing down 2 floor buildings along High Street and replacing them with 8-12 floor buildings. All of the construction is causing much chaos in the area, and making just walking around tough with all of the closed sidewalks.

2018 07 04 163 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Not really sure.

2018 07 04 175 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




The whole stupid MAGA thing has spawned a number of parodies.

2018 07 04 183 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



They may protest but they are as patriotic as the rest of the country – they just believe it could be better for all.

2018 07 04 197 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



A dancer from the Rocky Horror Picture Show burlesque group.

2018 07 04 205 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Even the Swing Dancers of Columbus were making statements this year.

2018 07 04 208 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



And with that the zombies headed home and the parade was done.

2018 07 04 215 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg