Virtual Travel – Pennsylvania

As with Ohio I have spent considerable time in Pennsylvania, with Pittsburgh feeling like a ‘hometown’ (Go Pens/Pirates/Steelers!)


History & State Capitol

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As with most states, the state capital is located (somewhat) in the middle of the state. Given that the vast majority of the people of Pennsylvania live on the ends, this meant a smaller city has been the capital – Harrisburg.

While outside the Pennsylvania Capitol looks like many others, inside is amazing!

2018 05 07 282 Harrisburg PA State Capital - Copy



Unusual State Symbols

Official State Aircraft – Piper J-3 Cub. For decades Piper Cubs were built in Lock Haven, PA.

Piper J-3 Cub


State Colors – Blue and Gold Featured on the flag and every license plate ever.

Blue and gold PA license plate with keystone symbol

But in Pittsburgh the colors are Black & Gold! All the sports teams follow this color scheme.

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Pennsylvania has a long industrial history, much of which has been lost. The city of Bethlehem has a vacant steel mill that is now a National Park site that serves as a reminder of this legacy.





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It is impossible to find a city with more cool bridges and tunnels than Pittsburgh. While it makes the commutes tough, it is a great visual experience driving around the city




The Pennsylvania Railroad was the largest, and most famous railroad in the country in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This history is celebrated at two major rail museums, Steamtown in Scranton, and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.



Not to be outdone the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, PA has a great collection of streetcars and interurbans.





1976 – Philadelphia



There is another large city in Pennsylvania other than Pittsburgh 🙂

Philadelphia of course is the seat of the independence movement in the 1700s. That history is on evidence everywhere in the city. Trivia moment of the day – there are only 2 cities that have been in the top 10 in population for every official United States Census – New York and Philadelphia.






Near Philadelphia is one of the world’s best gardens – Longwood.



1989 – Seasons



Most of Pennsylvania is beautiful rolling hills and mountains. Much of this area is filled with small towns and wooded countryside.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous structure is located in these hills – Fallingwater. Nearby is a second FLW house – Kentuck Knob. Both are stunning.

2008 09 06 29 Fallingwater.JPG



U.S. Route 6 traverses Northern Pennsylvania, and passes a number of interesting venues including Kinzua Bridge. When completed in 1882 it was the tallest bridge in the world, towering 300′ above the valley. It was decommissioned in the early 1960s and sold to the state with the purpose of becoming a park.

In 2003 a tornado struck the bridge and destroyed a large portion of it, but the remainder makes for a great walk.



As you make your way along U.S. 6 you pass the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in Galeton, the Coudersport Ice Cave, and the Zippo Lighter Museum in Bradford.




1995 – Hunseckers Mill Bridge – Lancaster County



It is thought that Pennsylvania has more named places than any other states as each hill and valley seems to be another named small town. Some are more famous than others such as Punxsutawney – home of Phil! Each February 2nd this little town is overrun by 40,000 people coming to see a groundhog pulled out of it’s fake home to see it’s shadow.

It is celebrated with another collection of fiberglass statues.



The town of Ridgway has an annual Chainsaw Carving contest that draws artists from all over the world.



The C.F. Martin & Company has built outstanding guitars since 1833. Their factory is open for tours, and they welcome photography throughout! We have been of many tours of facilities over the years and this was one of the best.





2007 – Pittsburgh

Government State Pennsylvania 2007.jpg


As noted in the opening, while I was not born or raised there I grew up close enough, and have spent most of my adult life spending time there, that it feels like home.

Built on steep hills along the 3 rivers (Ohio, Allegheny, and Mon), it has character. With the long history of steel, the city had enough wealthy people in the early 1900s that there is a great collection of historic skyscrapers. With the lack of build able land, the skyscraper construction has continued to this day.


The interiors and trim are just as impressive.


Pittsburgh has it’s fair share of quirky places, including Randyland and Bicycle Heaven. The best, by far, is Anthrocon – 7000 people descending on the city dressed in furry animal costumes.








Philadelphia – May 2018 – Views of the City

A Sunday afternoon in downtown Philadelphia…


2018 05 06 271 Philadelphia.jpg



Flowers outside Independence Hall Visitor Center.

2018 05 06 283 Philadelphia.jpg




Everything in Philadelphia seems to be dedicated to Benjamin Franklin. Apparently his newspapers are laying on the ground to this day.

2018 05 06 296 Philadelphia.jpg




The Benjamin Franklin Parkway that leads to the Art Museum (and the Rocky statue)

2018 05 06 319 Philadelphia.jpg



An Airplane outside the Franklin Institute

2018 05 06 321 Philadelphia.jpg




As well as the grand front entrance.

2018 05 06 324 Philadelphia.jpg




A fountain in the Franklin Parkway looking back towards City Hall.

2018 05 06 326 Philadelphia.jpg




The Pennsylvania Convention Center – built in part in the old Reading Railroad Terminal.

2018 05 06 347 Philadelphia.jpg





Philadelphia – May 2018 – Simeone Automotive Collection

The Simeone Automotive Collection is located in a warehouse near the Philadelphia Airport. The cars were obtained by a now retire neurosurgeon named Frederick Simeone.

His stated goal for the collection was that all of the cars needed to be sports cars with fenders and headlights, have a history of road racing, be a significant winner and have mostly original parts.

The automobiles are group by period or type of racing.

2018 05 06 200 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg



1963 Chevrolet Corvette that raced at the original Watkins Glen Road Races.

2018 05 06 208 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg



1925 Alfa Romeo RLSS

2018 05 06 213 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg



1975 Alfa Romeo 33 TT 12

2018 05 06 223 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg




The LeMans collection – 10 stunning race cars lined up as though they are ready for the start.

2018 05 06 231 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg



1933 Squire Roadster – one of only 7 ever made.

2018 05 06 248 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg



1967 Ford MK IV

2018 05 06 262 Philadelphia Simeone Autoomotive Collection.jpg

Kennett Square, PA – May 2018 – Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is located in suburban Philadelphia, in the town of Kennett Square. Considered by most as one of the foremost gardens in America it is an amazing display of horticultural coupled with architecture and water features.

The Gardens have been located here since the 1700s where the Pearce family began cultivating trees. It wasn’t until the early 1900s when one of the DuPont family members purchased the gardens did it really become the showcase that is renown around the world.


2018 05 06 1 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



The day we visited nearly every person arriving headed straight for the flower gardens.

2018 05 06 5 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



Where a fountain graced the pathway.

2018 05 06 15 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




There are over 800 volunteers who keep the gardens immaculate. Once a flower loses it’s bloom they will remove it and replace it with something else.

2018 05 06 21 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




Resulting in vivid displays.

2018 05 06 26 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




Water features are everywhere, including this Italian Water Garden.

2018 05 06 43 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



This gazebo is a popular spot for weddings.

2018 05 06 54 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



While other buildings used for mechanicals are equally impressive with the floral.

2018 05 06 73 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



But the highlight is without a doubt the are the fountains. The  5 acre Main Fountain Area is said to combine Italianate ornamentation with French Grandeur coupled with a World’s Fair showmanship.

2018 05 06 86 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



Water features are everywhere, all synchronized to provide displays. The Bellagio has nothing on Longwood for fountain displays.

2018 05 06 105 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



Inside the Conservatory the floral and fauna continue to amaze.

2018 05 06 115 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




The variety of plants and flowers are extensive, many I had never seen before.

2018 05 06 153 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



And all in picture perfect condition.

2018 05 06 161 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




As you exit the conservatory you are again given an expansive view of the fountains.

2018 05 06 170 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg



As well as another smaller flower garden.

2018 05 06 185 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg




Before ending up at the Carillon, which provides chimes every 15 minutes. Longwood Gardens is truly an amazing place.

2018 05 06 193 Kennett Square PA Longwood Gardens.jpg

Pittsburgh to Boston – May 2011 – A Train Trip

Having yet another trip planned to Boston I decided to do something different, take Amtrak. Yes I knew it would be slow (it was) but it was something different than driving or flying.

My train left Pittsburgh early one morning.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 1.jpg



We rolled through the shabby little station in Latrobe without stopping.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 14.jpg



As we neared Altoona we went around the famous Horseshoe Curve.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 16.jpg



We had an extended stop in Harrisburg where they changed the engine from Diesel to Electric. With the extra time I could wander around the station a bit.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 26.jpg



2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 27.jpg



2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 30.jpg



Eventually we reached 30th Street Station in Philadelphia where I changed trains for an Acela on up to Boston.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 33.jpg



The Acela made much better time, passing through New York City on the way.

2011 05 26 Jill Road Trip Day 1 36.jpg


I arrived in Boston well after dark 🙂