Favorites of 2019

A great year of sights – these are my favorite 30 photos of 2019, with brief explanations why they are my favorites.

Chicago – Willis (Sears) Tower. The perspective of people out of their elements.

Washington – The former Capital Columns in the Arboretum. The morning lighting with the wildflowers and contrast of the columns.

Washington – Embassy Open House Day – and a young lady’s perfect timing next to their logo.

Near Frankfurt, Kentucky – I have a thing about old, seemingly abandoned buildings. This however had been reclaimed and re-used for it’s original purpose – bourbon storage and aging.

New Orleans – Mardis Gras World. It was like stepping into some psychedelic movie.

Avery Island, Louisiana – The symmetry of the rice fields with another old building.

Houston – The home of quirky art. This is from Lucky Land, a very cool place.

Houston quirky art part 2 – Giant President Heads.

San Antonio mission. Symmetry and historic architecture.

Amarillo, Texas – Cadillac Ranch, but after a storm where they appeared to be in a pond.

Columbus Zoo and a zoom lens. The statement in the face and amazing beauty of the animals.

Montreal – Ferris Wheel in Old Montreal – Perfect timing and lighting (just lucky on the timing).

Marietta, Ohio – Sternwheeler festival.

Chicago – Open House and another fantastic ceiling/light.

Buenos Aires – obviously the extended period spent in Argentina has opened a new world of photo possibilities. Recoleta Cemetery is the most popular tourist spot in the city, and I had the good fortune of some young lady there for (I suspect) a photo shoot when she ran by the row I was in, turned and posed for me! Who doesn’t want a photo of a young lady running through a cemetery with a knife.

Recoleta Cemetery provides so many great shots – the cob webs are natural, not staged.

The tomb of San Martin.

The La Boca neighborhood is known as a working class neighborhood in love with their team – La Boca juniors. The old car symbolizes the working class neighborhood and it was parked in front of the soccer practice fields with their bright colors on the walls.

Chacarita Cemetery is not as famous as Recoleta, but still a very stunning place.

The sunrises and sunsets can be amazing.

An hour drive out of town to San Antonio de Areco, and their gaucho festival was the event of the year. 4000 people and horses dressed for the occasion.

The Jacaranda trees are fantastic in bloom.

On a walking tour of street art the passer by’s sometimes fit the theme.

The Casa Rosada. A great courtyard and a bemused guard.

Hockey in Argentina – bring that soccer passion inside and combine it with hockey.

Finally – Bariloche, a beautiful mountain and lakes region.

Pittsburgh – August 2018 – Photo Antiquities Museum

On the North Side of Pittsburgh, near Allegheny Commons, is the Photo Antiquities Museum. Located upstairs near a classic old camera store, this museum is packed with great old cameras and photographs.

2018 08 04 30 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



As we arrived there was a sign that says ‘buzz here’ – we did and at first nobody came so we went next door to the camera shop. Someone from the shop took us back over and by then Frank from the museum was waiting at the door for us.

He lead us upstairs to a real hidden treasure of Pittsburgh.

2018 08 04 48 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



After a brief explanation on the history of photography, he showed us where the various rooms were located for each topic – Antique photographs – The Pittsburgh Photo History Room – and finally the Camera Collection!

2018 08 04 49 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Their collection is vast. Many have small tags detailing important facts like manufacturer and date.

2018 08 04 50 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Many look very different to today’s cameras.

2018 08 04 72 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Most have a great look to them – imagine the memories each created over the years.

2018 08 04 75 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



In addition to the still photography there was an extensive collection of video recorders (aka – movie cameras).

2018 08 04 79 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Kodak had a grouping by itself.

2018 08 04 81 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Also included were ancillary items such as light meters.

2018 08 04 84 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



And film (what is film???)

2018 08 04 88 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Shelves of cameras.

2018 08 04 87 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



An early motion picture cameras with a crank.

2018 08 04 90 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



A Magic Lantern viewer. It was an image projector for transparent plates.

2018 08 04 94 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



If you are reading this blog you must like photography – and if you like photography you will love the Photo Antiquities Museum for the camera collection alone.

And if you love vintage photographs this is the place – there are plenty to keep you occupied for hours.

A bit thanks to Frank for showing us around.

2018 08 04 105 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg