Columbus – April 2018 – Gallery Day

The Riffe State Office Tower in downtown Columbus is the home of a gallery that rotates exhibits every few months. Since January the display has been the 2017 Quilt Nationals, featuring artists from across the country.

Expecting the usual symmetrical circles and patterns of ‘country quilts’, we were pleased to see a totally different approach – more like art in the form of a quilt.

2018 04 14 9 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




Many had no patterns at all – rather they resembled paintings as they dealt with the artists emotions at the time of creation. But they are indeed quilts.

2018 04 14 13 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




Those that did have patterns were more free form.

2018 04 14 15 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




Even the symmetrical ones had a modern feel.

2018 04 14 18 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




Not your grandma’s quilt.

2018 04 14 21 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




Meanwhile just around the corner is the Ohio State University Urban Arts Center, located on the lower level of an old department store.

This exhibit featured the works of the senior art students.

2018 04 14 25 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




While the exhibit wasn’t officially open yet, they let us wander around.

2018 04 14 28 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg




George Romero would be proud.

2018 04 14 35 Columbus Art Galleries.jpg

























Kirtland, OH – February 2017 – A Morning on the Farm for Quilt Competition

With a day planned in the Cleveland area for a variety of events, we stopped by the Lake County Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, a working demonstration farm.

While we were there for a quilt competition, our first stop was the barn where the newborn animals were at. Among those there were 2 day old pigs and a week old sheep.

2017 02 26 80 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


2017 02 26 58 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


The visitor center was holding the quilt competition. While I always think of quilts as a country item, there were a number of non traditional looking designs.

2017 02 26 22 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


2017 02 26 14 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


2017 02 26 35 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


2017 02 26 29 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg


Also nearby was a classic old bridge across the Chagrin River.

2017 02 26 87 Kirtland OH Lake Metroparks Farm.jpg