Watkins Glen, NY – May 2018 – The Glen

While I have known that Watkins Glen, New York had a true ‘glen’, I had always known if for the racetrack (see previous posting). On this day we spent a couple of hours exploring the park – and it was well worth it.

As we started down the 400′ deep ravine we had no idea what we were in for.

2018 05 25 309 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg



We went through a spiral staircase in a tunnel and came out to this – a nice 60′ waterfalls.

2018 05 25 289 Watkins Glen NY State Park




Which the path lead behind.

2018 05 25 295 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




On the other side was a view further down the ravine.

2018 05 25 297 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




We opted to head up the gorge for an hour or so – a beautiful hike indeed.

2018 05 25 315 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg


McKean County, Pennsylvania – May 2018 – Kinzua Bridge

The Kinzua Bridge was a railroad trestle that was constructed out of steel in 1900, replacing an earlier one that was built from wrought iron.

As with many things it was billed as an eighth wonder of the world, as it held the record as the tallest railroad bridge in the world for a few years.

It was in service until 1959, at which time it became part of a state park.





Rising to a height of 301′ above the lowest part of the valley it is an impressive structure.





Unfortunately in 2003 a tornado struck the bridge and took out a large portion of it.





The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania however had preserved it since they first received it in the early 1960s, and they had no intention of letting the rest come down.





When you hike down to Kinzua Creek you get the first up close view of the destruction.





Twisted steel is everywhere.





Huge beams came down, pull the rest of the structure with it.





From the bottom of the valley you get a real sense of how high the remaining structure is.






Taking a different path back up rewarded us with a great view underneath.





From back on top (and using a zoom lense) you get a sense of the impact of the tornado.





With one final look at the twisted steel.





The most impressive piece of the remaining structure is the skywalk – with it’s Plexiglas viewing spot of the valley 300′ below.





The Kinzua Bridge is a great place to visit and explore.