Vancouver – September 2017 – False Creek and Granville Island

One of the inlets in the Vancouver area is known as False Creek. In the middle of this waterway is Granville Island, a man made island that was originally used for industry but most have left, as restaurants, housing and parks have taken over.

2017 09 08 144 Vancouver.jpg




The views across the waterway to downtown are great.

2017 09 08 152 Vancouver.jpg




The one remaining industrial business, Ocean Concrete, has gotten into the artistic spirit.

2017 09 08 158 Vancouver.jpg




There are numerous houses build on the piers.

2017 09 08 161 Vancouver.jpg




As well as many high end boats docked alongside.

2017 09 08 168 Vancouver.jpg




Another view downtown.

2017 09 08 181 Vancouver.jpg




Palm trees in Canada?

2017 09 08 183 Vancouver.jpg







Icefields Parkway, Alberta – September 2017

The trip continued north from Banff toward the Icefields Parkway, a 180 mile drive to Jasper that takes you past numerous glaciers on the mountains. But first we made a stop for an invigorating hike up Johnton Canyon. This hike included numerous catwalks suspended above the canyon floor, as well as traditional paths. The effort lead to two great waterfalls.

2017 09 05 4 Banff Johnston Canyon.jpg



Just before the start of the Icefields Parkway is Lake Louise, a popular tourist stop – so popular there are numerous attendants directing traffic through the entire town to get to the parking lots. We stayed about 30 minutes before leaving the crowds and heading on…

2017 09 05 31 Lake Louise.jpg



Because a short drive later you were on the Icefields Parkway and has better views with far far fewer people.

2017 09 05 44j Icefields Parkway Alberta.jpg



At the Columbia Icefields they offer an option to take a tour onto the Athabasca Glacier that included a visit to the ‘Skywalk’, a cantilevered walkway with translucent floors to see straight down 1000′.

2017 09 05 75 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



The special Ice Coaches were constantly ferrying people onto the glacier. They made a point about how fast the glacier is receding, you would think all the traffic can’t be helping it.

2017 09 05 153 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



But still, we got to go on a glacier.

2017 09 05 159 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



Our day ended at Athabasca Falls, near the town of Jasper. I have had many spectacular drives, but the Icefields Parkway is easily one of the 10 best ever.

2017 09 05 206 Athabasca Falls Alberta.jpg






Calgary – September 2017 – Views of the City

Calgary, Alberta was the next stop, where we arrived right as the Pride Parade ended. People were in a festive mood.

2017 09 03 74 Calgary.jpg



2017 09 03 82 Calgary.jpg



There is a bluff just north of downtown Calgary offering a nice view of the downtown skyline.

2017 09 03 89 Calgary.jpg



The river was a favorite rafting spot.

2017 09 03 93 Calgary.jpg



The impressive pedestrian/biking ‘Peace Bridge’.

2017 09 03 109 Calgary.jpg



While there are some older buildings downtown, much has been replaced with new skyscrapers.

2017 09 03 122 Calgary.jpg



Calgary is famous for it’s rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. Part of the grounds is the arena, the Saddledome.

2017 09 03 144 Calgary.jpg



The city has been celebrating Canada 150.

2017 09 03 149 Calgary.jpg









Columbus – August 2017 – Not the Normal Tourist Photos

The Scioto River runs through the middle of Columbus, and recently they have completed some fantastic improvements where the riverbanks are usable by people. This has lead to it becoming a favorite for residents and visitors alike. While downtown we took a long hike, which I focused on the less than standard tourist photos.


Symmetry in the supports for the freeway bridge across the river

2017 08 12 13 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



A wildlife preserve just south of downtown

2017 08 12 15 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



A railroad bridge crosses the path about 10′ above it.

2017 08 12 18 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



One of my favorite subjects is photos of people taking photos – especially in strange places such as on the railroad bridge (or in this case, just off since the train was coming through)

2017 08 12 21 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



South entrance to the Scioto Mile.

2017 08 12 27 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg


















Pittsburgh – July 2017 – Scenes From The City

Scenes of Pittsburgh

Night time from Mt Washington (a corner of PNC Park during a game)

Pittsburgh Scenes 11.JPG


Ft Pitt Bridge Lower Level

Pittsburgh Scenes 1.JPG


Cornices on an old skyscraper

Pittsburgh Scenes 3.JPG


Alcoa Building (now apartments)

Pittsburgh Scenes 5.JPG


Pittsburgh ‘T’ (lacking originality and using Boston’s name for the trains)

Pittsburgh Scenes 7.JPG


Lobby of PNC Headquarters

Pittsburgh Scenes 12.JPG


Roberto Clemente is making sure you know it is a bike lane.

Pittsburgh Scenes 15.JPG


Mon River – Smithfield Street Bridge in the foreground, with one of the Gateway Clipper boats on the right

Pittsburgh Scenes 17.JPG


The Point

Pittsburgh Scenes 20.JPG


A mix of the Point Park Fountain, Ft Duquesne Bridge and PNC Park light towers

Pittsburgh Scenes 19.JPG


Doesn’t everyone get their wedding photos taken on a bridge (closed to traffic for the baseball crowd)

Pittsburgh Scenes 23.JPG

Cincinnati – June 2017 – Scenes of the City

A day in Cincinnati for a couple of tours (other posts) resulted in some ‘scenes of the city’ shots…


The view from the Incline Pub on the west side of Cincinnati.

2017 06 24 54 Cincinnati Incline Pub.JPG


With a major bridge under construction causing massive traffic jams, we took the Anderson Ferry to Kentucky.

2017 06 24 60 Cincinnati Anderson Ferry.JPG


The Pride Parade had just ended as we arrived downtown.

2017 06 24 121 Cincinnati.JPG


The Cincinnati Bengals are celebrating their 50th season (still without a Super Bowl win!)

2017 06 24 123 Cincinnati.JPG


Findlay Market.

2017 06 24 129 Cincinnati.JPG


2017 06 24 128 Cincinnati.JPG


Cincinnati Streetcar barn

2017 06 24 154 Cincinnati.JPG


Rookwood Pottery Mural

2017 06 24 152 Cincinnati Rookwood Pottery.JPG

Windsor, ON – June 2017 – Riverfront Scenes

With a weekend in the Detroit area it was decided to spend the night in Windsor, which is just a mile away through the tunnel.

The Windsor Riverfront offers excellent views of downtown Detroit (other post) as well as the scenes on the Canadian side.


The Ambassador Bridge

2017 06 17 94 Windsor ON.JPG


Riverfront Park

2017 06 17 104 Windsor ON.JPG


2017 06 17 108 Windsor ON.JPG


A carnival was being held in the riverfront park

2017 06 17 153 Windsor ON.JPG


2017 06 17 164 Windsor ON.JPG


2017 06 17 167 Windsor ON.JPG