Cleveland – September 2017 – Rugby

The Cleveland Crusaders are an amateur rugby team that plays Division 2 Rugby with other teams in the Great Lakes area. On this Saturday afternoon they played a team from Pittsburgh at a makeshift field in Edgewater Park.

I have played, coached and seen many sports but my rugby knowledge is very limited. Thanks to google, we could follow along with the game’s rules. Additionally by watching it for a bit it was easy to follow the strategies, and the identify the skills that were necessary.

The action was intense, coupled with the quick pace it makes for an enjoyable sport.

2017 09 30 234 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




The tackling is fierce.

2017 09 30 244 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




When a ball went out of play, it is thrown back in. Unlike soccer teammates will literally lift one of the players up in the air to get the ball.

2017 09 30 262 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




The most basic rule that was noticed is the ball is always thrown to the side and beyond where the player who previously had the ball is stopped.

2017 09 30 270 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg



A ruck starts with the interlocking of most of the players, while another rolls the ball in.

2017 09 30 272 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg



Eventually popping out, and play ensues.

2017 09 30 274 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg


Rugby is something I will have to check out more often, in my opinion far more interesting that football, but not as good as hockey!