Chicago – February 2019 – History Museum

Amazingly the Chicago History Museum was founded in 1856, just a few years after the settling of the town. Although twice destroyed by fire (once during the Great Chicago Fire), they still have a vast collection of artifacts celebrating the history of the city.

During our visit to Chess Records I had heard that the History Museum had a nice exhibit on the Chicago Blues, which was our encouragement to go to the History Museum.

In the display is this map showing the amazing collection of recording studios and clubs that featured the blues that have existed in Chicago over the years.

Raeburn Flerlage was a famed photographer of the blues scene from 1959-1971, although his career in music lasted much longer.

His photographs were used for many album covers.

Included in the collection is a copy of what is generally acknowledge as the first blues record of all time, St Louis Blues by W C Handy, from 1925.

The south side of Chicago was the hub of the blues, with Maxwell Street being the epicenter.

All of the blues greats were celebrated here, including Muddy Waters.

In the 1950s record companies were only allowed to have so many records in radio station airplay rotation at one time, so they would just start another record company.

This record of Koko Taylor’s Wang Dang Doodle is on Checker Records, the sister company of Chess Records.

Moving on from the blues display we checked out Chicago – Crossroad of America. This documented Chicago as the transportation hub of the country since the early days of the railroad.

Also on display was one of the original El cars from 1892.

A number of focus displays included one of the infamous gangland activities during prohibition in the 1920s.

Keeping with the infamous Playboy Magazine started in Chicago, as did the original club with the hostess (bunny) outfit on display.

As noted in other postings, Chicago was always mail order center of the country.

Another section celebrated entertainment events in Chicago including the 1893 World’s Fair.

As well as the 1933 Century of Progress World’s Fair.

Finally there was a small section celebrating the professional sports teams of Chicago – baseball’s Cubs and White Sox, football’s Bears, basketball’s Bulls and hockey’s Blackhawks.

Cleveland – September 2018 – US Sailing Championships

A late September sunny, cool & breezy Saturday was the perfect setting for the US Sailing Championships in Cleveland. Held near Edgewater Beach, the event features teams of 6 competing together in 3 boats.

2018 09 29 2 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The headquarters for the event was the Old Coast Guard Station at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River.

2018 09 29 6 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg



We had visited this location before, but never had the chance to go inside. The boathouse was fantastic, and on this day actually being used as a boathouse.

2018 09 29 12 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The action took place inside the breakwater.

2018 09 29 15 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




As they would sail around the harbor, the boats would tip steeply, forcing the crew to quickly jump to the other side to balance them out.

2018 09 29 28 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




There were a variety of great backgrounds to shoot. From this view the Edgewater Marina sailboat masts framed the small crafts.

2018 09 29 32 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




A freighter was offloading coal nearby.

2018 09 29 33 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The apartment buildings along the Gold Coast in Lakewood is directly across the lake from the Coast Guard Station vantage point.

2018 09 29 36 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




While we watched the Nautica Queen passed by.

2018 09 29 47 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




At times it appeared to be more like roller derby than sailing.

2018 09 29 54 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Their routes around the harbor took them near one of the lighthouses at the mouth of the river.

2018 09 29 60 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Clearly having the boats pitched side to side was the fastest way around the course.

2018 09 29 62 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




They race identical boats provided by a local sailing group known as the Foundry. Most had sails with a giant Cleveland logo on them.

2018 09 29 66 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The Chamber of Commerce moment number 1 – Sailboats with Cleveland sails going past the art deco Coast Guard building.

2018 09 29 70 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Most of the teams were male/female, which is apparently how you get to the ideal maximum weight of 290 pounds for the crew.

2018 09 29 86 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The Chamber of Commerce moment number 2 – Sailboat with a Cleveland sail going past the lighthouse.

2018 09 29 89 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The racing was continuous with numerous heats constantly coming and going.

2018 09 29 106 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg



More close action. Amazingly nobody went into the water, but these are some of the best sailors in the country, as the teams came from all over for this event.

2018 09 29 107 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




This event was one of the best photography moments I have had in some time.

2018 09 29 108 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg





Cleveland – September 2017 – Rugby

The Cleveland Crusaders are an amateur rugby team that plays Division 2 Rugby with other teams in the Great Lakes area. On this Saturday afternoon they played a team from Pittsburgh at a makeshift field in Edgewater Park.

I have played, coached and seen many sports but my rugby knowledge is very limited. Thanks to google, we could follow along with the game’s rules. Additionally by watching it for a bit it was easy to follow the strategies, and the identify the skills that were necessary.

The action was intense, coupled with the quick pace it makes for an enjoyable sport.

2017 09 30 234 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




The tackling is fierce.

2017 09 30 244 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




When a ball went out of play, it is thrown back in. Unlike soccer teammates will literally lift one of the players up in the air to get the ball.

2017 09 30 262 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg




The most basic rule that was noticed is the ball is always thrown to the side and beyond where the player who previously had the ball is stopped.

2017 09 30 270 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg



A ruck starts with the interlocking of most of the players, while another rolls the ball in.

2017 09 30 272 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg



Eventually popping out, and play ensues.

2017 09 30 274 Cleveland Edgewater Park Rugby.jpg


Rugby is something I will have to check out more often, in my opinion far more interesting that football, but not as good as hockey!







Victoria, BC – September 2017 – Views of the City

A day and night in Victoria, British Columbia.

BC Parliament Building

2017 09 10 233 Victoria BC.jpg



Totem Poles at the BC Museum

2017 09 10 234 Victoria BC.jpg



Yachts and water taxis in Victoria Harbor

2017 09 10 247 Victoria BC.jpg



The coastline along the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

2017 09 10 261 Victoria BC Beacon Hill Park.jpg



A cricket game in Beacon Hill Park

2017 09 10 268 Victoria BC Beacon Hill Park.jpg



More Canadian palm trees in the same park.

2017 09 10 274 Victoria BC Beacon Hill Park.jpg


More harbor action.

2017 09 11 30 Victoria BC.jpg



2017 09 11 31 Victoria BC.jpg



2017 09 11 35 Victoria BC.jpg



On our way to Port Angeles, Washington and Olympic National Park – which we could easily see from Victoria almost 50 miles away.

2017 09 11 39 Victoria BC.jpg

A perfect ending to a week in Canada.

2017 09 10 318 Victoria BC.jpg





Columbus – March 2017 – The Arnold

The Arnold is billed as one of the largest sporting events in the country, with overĀ 18,000 contestants and 200,000 attendees jamming the Convention Center and the Fairgrounds complex.

While it originally started out as a body building contest, which continues to this day, they also showcase a number of other sports. The Fairgrounds in particular hosts a large number of youth sporting events in conjunction with the Arnold.

We had a great day, although challenged at times with the inconsistent schedules claimed times for events, and when they actually occurred. Regardless, 10 hours and 10 miles of walking later, we had seen much (resulting in a long blog posting) including:


2017 03 04 19 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Gymnastics (we missed the collegiate men, instead caught the younger gymnasts)

2017 03 04 39 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Table Tennis

2017 03 04 55 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg



2017 03 04 102 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Power Lifting exhibitions in the insanely jammed vendor expo area

2017 03 04 114 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Women’s dead weight lifts

2017 03 04 117 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Female Body Building

2017 03 04 131 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Crossfit – This used to be at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, which was a far better venue for viewing

2017 03 04 135 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Kettlebell Lifting

2017 03 04 161 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Indoor Scottish Highland Games

2017 03 04 138 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Martial Arts – I am not sure why this was separate from Taekwando but it was, but it apparently bored one of the other contestants.

2017 03 04 160 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Attendees could compete is some feats of strength.

2017 03 04 148 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg



2017 03 04 151 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


An extremely flexible woman

2017 03 04 165 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Extremely fast jump rope people – over 100 jumps in 30 seconds.

2017 03 04 171 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg



2017 03 04 188 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg



2017 03 04 189 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


Golden Gloves Boxing

2017 03 04 193 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


and finally Powerx competition (lifting a weight 20 times in 2 minutes)

2017 03 04 210 Columbus OH The Arnold.jpg


A full day at The Arnold