Benson, Arizona – April 2023 – The Thing, What Is It

If you have ever driven I-10 anywhere between El Paso and Phoenix you have seen at least one of the 247 billboards that say ‘The Thing – What Is It’.

For more than 60 years there has been a roadside attraction that includes ‘The Thing’, originally located in the California desert. It has been located in this southern Arizona spot since 1965, although the building has been recently updated to a much larger facility.

The expanded facility has a sort of you just walked into a cheap, strange, sci-fi comic book, featuring a view of ‘What If Aliens intermingled with Dinosaurs’, because why not?

Further along you come into an area with a plethora of conspiracy ‘What Ifs’.

Eventually at the end you make it to The Thing. I won’t ruin the surprise but the internet has lots of details on the source of The Thing.

Is it worth $5 – oh yeah, how often do you get a museum/tourist trap/ enlightenment in the Arizona desert detailing the conspiracy of aliens and dinosaurs 🙂

Plus the restrooms are clean and they let us take our beagle through with us.