Columbus – October 2017 – A Day at the Zoo

The Columbus Zoo was sponsoring a car show, which seems a bit strange, but then again they do commercialize a lot of things.

The cars were quite nice, and with the water park and other amusement rides providing interesting backgrounds, it was a good day for a car show. Plus there were animals later.

2017 10 01 88 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 112 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 118 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 124 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 128 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 136 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 164 Columbus Zoo.JPG




Tacoma, Washington – September 2017 – LeMay Auto Collection

Harold LeMay made his fortune hauling garbage in Tacoma, Washington, but his passion was cars. At his death he owned a record 3000 cars. Today the collection is split into two separate museums.

The first is housed at a formers boys school with a number of buildings.



The gymnasium make a great setting.



Sliding doors!





The had cars stacked 3 high in some places.



The second museum was in downtown Tacoma and was more formal.





A Rambler with a Ferrari engine.


Columbus – July 2017 – Smokin’ Saturday Evening

Each July there is a car event in Columbus called the ‘Goodguys’, which attracts thousands of classic cars to town. After the event on Saturday many make their way to the Polaris area where they gather in a parking lot for Quaker Steak and Lube.

2017 07 08 148 Columbus.JPG


There was a large collection of (mostly) Harley Davidson motorcycles

2017 07 08 152 Columbus.JPG


Nearly all of the vehicles were extensively customized.

2017 07 08 155 Columbus.JPG


2017 07 08 162 Columbus.JPG


The police were on hand – not to give out tickets – but to rate their burnouts.

2017 07 08 159 Columbus.JPG

Dayton – April 2017 – America’s Packard Museum Revisited

Since we were running ahead on our day in Dayton, we made a return visit to the America’s Packard Museum. We had visited this museum a couple of years ago and were pleasantly surprised to see they had completely rearranged the automobiles on display, swapping out many of them for others in their collection.


2017 04 08 102 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG



The post war collection has been greatly enhanced as well.

2017 04 08 111 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


2017 04 08 117 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


As always with Packard’s there is an amazing collection of hood ornaments.

2017 04 08 137 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


Located in a former Packard Dealership in downtown Dayton, the entire place gives off a feel of travelling in time (luxury time travel at that). There are few locations that are as good to visit a second time, but the Packard Museum is one of them.

2017 04 08 84 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG

Cleveland – March 2017 – Piston Power

This mid March Sunday was another cold, dreary one, so the decision was made to go to yet another car show. This one was back at the IX Center in Cleveland, but the thought was ‘better than sitting around the house’.

Billed as the Piston Powered Show, it turned out to be far far more than a car show. Their motto is ‘anything with a piston’, but in reality there was even more than that.

Among the categories seen: Classic Wood Boats from the 1940s and 1950s, Airplanes, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Trucks, a huge collection of cars, custom vans, small train maintenance cars, model building competition, art competition, a large display that someone made with matchsticks, a bumper car made into a go cart, a small soap box derby hill with racers, old campers, construction equipment, military equipment and one lonely snowmobile.

After 6 miles of walking around this massive hall, we went home agreeing this was one of the best shows we had ever seen.

2017 03 19 16 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 18 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 82 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 88 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 104 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 111 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 120 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 180 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 186 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 194 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.jpg



2017 03 19 210 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 242 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 254 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 280 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG



2017 03 19 173 Cleveland Piston Powered Show.JPG

Western Ohio – August 2016 – Vintage Trucks, Vintage Airplanes, Vintage Houses and Fishing in an Ohio Corn Field

We made another trip to Troy, Ohio, this time for the 27th Annual International Harvester Vintage Truck Show. When you think antique vehicles IH is not the first brand to come to mind, but everything has a following. A plus was it was being held on the grounds of Waco Airplanes, which we had visited previously.

Once we arrived they directed us to park in a field directly beside a small metal hanger that had a bi-plane parked inside, along with another small plane whose wings were folded up. After checking these out for a few minutes, we moved into the grounds to view the trucks.

2016 08 13 2 Troy OH IH Truck Show.JPG

In my opinion most of the IH trucks over the years were boxy and boring, except for the very early years. This show had a nice representation of the ones from the 1930s and 1940s, along with a slew of them from the 1960s and 1970s. Many of the newer ones have been customized, with their owners rightfully proud of the hard work they had put in.

2016 08 13 6 Troy OH IH Truck Show.JPG

One family we met had come over from Weirton, West Virginia, which you could tell was near Pittsburgh by the attire of nearly everyone in the family (Steelers garb). We did all we could there in 90 minutes, so it was time to move on.

2016 08 13 29 Troy OH IH Truck Show.JPG

Starting back east we made our way to Urbana, the county seat of Champaign County, where the Champaign Aviation Museum is located. This small, relatively new museum is located in a hanger at the county airport. Their pride and joy is a B17 (The Champaign Lady) that they have been restoring for more than a decade, with another 10 years expected before they complete their work. In addition there is an A26 outside, a C47 on static display inside, and a B25, but that was out on a flight the day we were there.

2016 08 13 74 Urbana OH Air Museum.JPG

The best part of this visit was they allowed you to wander through their shop area, taking time to explain what the approach to the restoration was. Of interest to me were a number of the specialty tools they were using to put spacers in the drill holes they were to later going to rivet together.

2016 08 13 80 Urbana OH Air Museum.JPG

A couple of miles up the road from the airport is the Freshwater Farms of Ohio, the state’s largest indoor fish hatchery.  You can pet a sturgeon, but some smoked salmon, and check out the various ponds they have with koi and other decorative fish. It seems out of place in the middle of an Ohio cornfield, but was fun to check out.

2016 08 13 115 Urbana OH Fish Farm.JPG

Finally we stopped at Mac o Chee castle, a tourist attraction since I was a little kid. I remembered it being an impressive place, but now it is a sad old rundown building that is a shell of it’s former self. I am certain it takes a lot of money for upkeep, and they clearly aren’t bringing in enough. This resulted in our of our most disappointing stops in all of our travels the last couple of years.

2016 08 13 151 West Liberty OH Mac o Chee Castle.JPG