Marion, Ohio – August 2020 – Random Views of Marion County

This posting is the start of a series of Ohio County focused random views. Unintentionally many of Marion County’s turned out to be barns and other structures in various states of disrepair.

A right hand drive Rolls Royce.

The late summer provided many contrasting colors with the barns.

The corn is so high it felt like walls along the road.

Marion is a railroad town. The light off in the distance was an oncoming train, but is a couple of miles away.

Marion was home to President Harding.

They have built a new Presidential Library for Harding, showing that no matter how crooked you are you will eventually get a Presidential Library.

Virtual Travel – Tennessee

Welcome to Tennessee.



State Capital & History

1958     1974     1977     1978     1993     2008     2015     2017



Nashville is the state capital, with the capitol building dating from 1859.

2015 09 26 279 Nashville TN


State Symbols – Tennessee is the ‘leader in the clubhouse’ with over 60 state symbols, including 10 state songs and 3 state trees. Among the most unusual are:

State Cowboy Poet Laureate – David Nelson. A 16 paragraph resolution has identified David ‘Buffalo Bill’ Nelson, a humorist and performer the State Cowboy Poet Laureate.

David Buffalo Bill Nelson


The State Bicentennial Rap Song.

Oh, how proud we are of thee!
Volunteer State since 1812 –
Glad our fathers picked here to dwell!
Presidents, Presidents – proud are we!
Jackson, Polk, and Johnson – three!
Crockett, Forrest, and John Sevier;
Alvin York and Hull lived here!
Baker, Gores, and Kefauver,
Served our country with honor!
U.T., Memphis and Vandy U.,
Tennessee Tech and Sewanee, too!
Appalachian Mountains, mountains high –
Reaching up in the smoky sky!
Tennessee River, flowing through –
We will cross near the Choo Choo!
Dollywood and Walking Horse Show!
Opryland and the Opry Show!
Whisky, whisky – sipping smooth –
Moon, Moon Pies and Goo Goo Goos!
Reelfoot Lake and cotton fields,
Natchez Trace and Civil War fields!
Mocking birds and raccoons grow,
And tulip poplars and iris show!
Bessie Smith and Memphis blues –
W.C. Handy and Elvis, too!
Eastman, Oak Ridge, and TVA –
Nissan, Saturn, and Country Music pay!
Chickasaw, Sequoyah, and Cherokee –
Cumberland Plateau and Mississippi!




As most people know Nashville is the center of country music,, with many tributes and landmarks around the city celebrating this history.



Memphis – Tennessee’s largest city, and one of the home of the Blues.  (All Memphis photos from the internet)

Relay Memphis

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Graceland – Elvis’s home.

Ticket Information | Graceland





Bridges & Bi-ways

1972 – Reelfoot Lake     1988     1993     2001 – TN Highway 96 Double Arch Bridge – Natchez Trace Parkway     2002 – Nashville Speedway and Stones River



Travelling about the Tennessee countryside reveals some unique and quirky sights.



Lane Motor Museum in Nashville has a great collection of micro cars.




Beech Aircraft Museum in Tullahoma has a fantastic collection of aircraft.




Mountain Roads

1979     1981 – Lookout Mountain     1993     1994     1995 – Greay Creek Bridge on State Route 40 Polk County     2000     2003



Central Tennessee is home to numerous waterfalls.



Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Home to some of the tallest mountains in the east, this park was dedicated in 1940. It was created in response to the clear cut logging that was occurring, destroying the area. (Photos from Pintrest)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park to reopen, but not all of it

List of areas to open in Great Smoky Mountain National Park announced

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Flowery Tennessee

1985     1989     1999 – First Lady Promoting Wildflowers along Freeways     2000 – Cerobala Skyway     2005     2007 – Tennessee State Flower     2011     2013


The Tennessee State Flower – the Iris. (photos from internet)

Tennessee State Cultivated Flower | Iris


Tennessee Interstate Conservancy



Nashville’s Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (photos from Pintrest)

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Art Museum Tour - Waterfront ...

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens in Nashville

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Roane Mountain near Asheville is home to the largest Rhododendron Garden in the world. (photos from Pintrest)











Roan Mountain Rhododendrons - Mountain Vista Pano - Advanced Fine Art

Roan Mountain Rhododendron Report 2016 - Mitchell County Chamber ...








Aurora, OH – June 2008 – Death of an Amusement Park

Geauga Lake Amusement Park Obituary: The grand old amusement park called Geauga Lake was first opened in 1887 alongside a lake of the same name. By the late 1800s rides had been added, with the legendary Big Dipper roller coaster added in 1925.

While many amusement parks closed over the years, Geauga Lake hung on, continually adding and expanding, despite being an hour and a half away from one of the great amusement parks in America, Cedar Point.

Situated across the lake from Sea World of Ohio, the two parks worked in harmony providing a destination for millions of people over the years.

In the early 2000s Six Flags purchased the park, added more rides and operated Geauga Lake, as well as the acquisition of Sea World in 2001.

In 2004 Six Flags was losing money on the park, mostly from an apathetic approach to the customers, when they decided to sell the park to Cedar Fair, the owners of Cedar Point. Many believe this was just a ploy on Cedar Fair’s part to buy out the competition, which was confirmed 4 years later when the amusement park portion closed for good, while the Sea World portion became a large water park, sans attractions like the dolphins and whales. It too closed in 2016.

And thus, the Geauga Lake Funeral – auctioning off the assets of the park – in June 2008.

2008 06 17 2 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 4 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 7 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 8 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 11 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 14 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 15 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 17 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 22 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 24 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 29 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 38 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 44 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 58 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 64 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg


2008 06 17 81 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg



And the final hammer swung on Geauga Lake

2008 06 17 93 Geauga Lake Funeral.jpg