Tacoma, Washington – September 2017 – LeMay Auto Collection

Harold LeMay made his fortune hauling garbage in Tacoma, Washington, but his passion was cars. At his death he owned a record 3000 cars. Today the collection is split into two separate museums.

The first is housed at a formers boys school with a number of buildings.



The gymnasium make a great setting.



Sliding doors!





The had cars stacked 3 high in some places.



The second museum was in downtown Tacoma and was more formal.





A Rambler with a Ferrari engine.


Seattle – September 2017 – Museum of Pop Art

The Museum of Pop Art in Seattle started life as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. Recently they rebranded themselves and have some nice other exhibits.


The guitar collection was amazing.









The Hendrix area





A large area for sci-fi














Everett, Washington – September 2017 – Boeing Factory Tour

Boeing Airplanes are built (among other places) in Everett, Washington in what is billed as the World’s Largest Building by volume.

We took a tour in which they did not permit any camera’s at all inside, however someone on the internet obviously violated this rule so to give an idea of what it looks like I borrowed theirs!

boeing interior.jpg


There are 6 large bays, 3 for the assembly of the 747 and 767, the other 3 for the 777 and 787. The doors are immense.



The 787 has parts flown into Everett on modified 747s.



Planes with their green vinyl wrappers awaiting paint jobs.



The visitor center included the ‘Future of Flight’ museum.





Even the hotel is in the airplane theme, with an old wing and part of a fuselage for a canopy.


Port Angeles, Washington – September 2017 – Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park makes up most of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Our visit took us up a long hike to the top of Hurricane Ridge, which offered excellent views of the mountains, as well as back across the Straight of Juan De Fuca to Victoria.

The 17 mile drive up the mountain featured a few tunnels.


2017 09 11 133 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


The views at the top were great, as was the weather.

2017 09 11 70 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


2017 09 11 84 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


Port Angeles and beyond.

2017 09 11 94 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


The trail was long, but worth it.

2017 09 11 96 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


2017 09 11 103 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


Mountain Flowers

2017 09 11 114 Olympic National Park WA.JPG


Mt Baker in the distance.

2017 09 11 134 Olympic National Park WA.JPG

Washington, PA – June 2017 – Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is about an hour south of downtown Pittsburgh, near the town of Washington, Pennsylvania. They are one of the oldest trolley museums in the country, having started in 1949 when the trolleys were still running. It is well worth a visit, one of the best streetcar museums I have seen, and we enjoyed our time there checking out the cars, with the bonus of going for rides.

One of their highlights is a New Orleans streetcar number 832. When New Orleans was disposing of some old streetcars to museums they ‘mistakenly’ allowed this car to go to Pennsylvania. It turned out this was the car used in the 1950s movie ‘Streetcar Named Desire’.


2017 06 30 3 Washington PA Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.JPG


The museum has a number of well kept ‘barns’, with numerous cars in each. The Fifth Avenue car was from the early 1900s when they were still horse drawn. The one below was used to take passengers through the week to work, and mourners to funerals on Saturdays.

2017 06 30 12 Washington PA Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.JPG


The West Penn Streetcar lines were represented.

2017 06 30 15 Washington PA Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.JPG


An interurban from Toledo.

2017 06 30 28 Washington PA Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.JPG


A newer PCC streetcar painted in the ‘PAT’ (Port Authority of Pittsburgh) colors.

2017 06 30 43 Washington PA Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.JPG