Watkins Glen, NY – May 2018 – The Glen

While I have known that Watkins Glen, New York had a true ‘glen’, I had always known if for the racetrack (see previous posting). On this day we spent a couple of hours exploring the park – and it was well worth it.

As we started down the 400′ deep ravine we had no idea what we were in for.

2018 05 25 309 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg



We went through a spiral staircase in a tunnel and came out to this – a nice 60′ waterfalls.

2018 05 25 289 Watkins Glen NY State Park




Which the path lead behind.

2018 05 25 295 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




On the other side was a view further down the ravine.

2018 05 25 297 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




We opted to head up the gorge for an hour or so – a beautiful hike indeed.

2018 05 25 315 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg


Watkins Glen, NY – May 2018 – Let’s Go Racing

Watkins Glen International Raceway is one of the most famous race tracks in the world. Opened in 1956 it for many years hosted the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix, although they haven’t raced that series here for a couple of decades.

2018 05 25 220 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




We were in the area and I wanted to go by to see if I could get in to check out the track, only to have the pleasant surprise that they were racing – and I could get in for free!

2018 05 25 225 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




The people racing there are part of an organization called ChampCar – a low budget racing series that allows many who otherwise couldn’t afford to race the chance to get on the track.

2018 05 25 227 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




For this Friday afternoon they were practicing with the full compliment of course workers to keep things in order.

2018 05 25 237 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




The pits and garages were open.

2018 05 25 239 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




As noted pretty much any car with the correct safety gear can race – including what appeared to be an old surplus German police car.

2018 05 25 242 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg



The Watkins Glen track is 3.4 miles long up and down the New York countryside hills.

2018 05 25 249 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg



With 11 turns offering a variety of views.

2018 05 25 258 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




The air was filled with the buzzing of small engines cranking at max RPMs.

2018 05 25 259 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




Many cars did have sponsors to offset the costs.

2018 05 25 261 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack.jpg




It was a nice afternoon of racing.

2018 05 25 272 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack




Watkins Glen, NY – August 2012 – Laps at a Famous Racetrack

Watkins Glen, New York has been hosting racing events since 1948, initially on public roads. In the late 1950s the racecourse was built. From 1961 until 1980 the primary (or only) U.S. based F1 race was held at the Glen.

Today they run one of the few NASCAR road course races there, along with other road races. In addition they offer the opportunity to do a few (slow) laps around the track. Since I was passing by on my way to Boston I stopped by to check it out.

When I first arrived there was a Porsche Club out on the track (although none are seen in this photo).

2012 08 24 8 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Eventually we made our way onto the track

2012 08 24 26 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Down the main straight.

2012 08 24 28 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



The starting line flagging station

2012 08 24 39 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Heading into a corner

2012 08 24 48 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Watkins Glen is set in the ridges of upstate New York.

2012 08 24 56 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



The laps are done – heading into the pits.

2012 08 24 59 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg