Logan, OH – March 2019 – Last Ice Posting of the Year (Hopefully)

With winter hopefully coming to an end soon it was a good day to check out Hocking Hills State Park, and the numerous waterfalls throughout the park.

For this hike we started at the top of the gorge, where the aptly named Upper Falls is located.

As we made our way downstream we passed numerous ice formations on the gorge walls.

While the icicles are all bumpy, the icy spots on the trail were perfectly smooth, and very slick.

The day was mostly cloudy but we did have a peak of the sun highlight the lower falls and rock formation near one of the trails exiting the gorge.

Much like snowflakes, it seems no two icicles are the same.

The stream continues down the gorge with numerous small waterfalls.

We reached the lower falls before heading off for other trails.

Broken Rock Falls is at the end of a short side trail. Despite the narrow path for the water to travel over the wall, it came down with significant noise.

We moved on to Cedar Falls where the path to the falls took us past more interesting formations on the gorge wall. It seems the ice here was ‘stuck’ to the wall, as opposed to the numerous icicles elsewhere, although there were some here too.

The light mist that comes over the edge causes the light coating.

Cedar Falls is one of the nicer ones in the park.

Another waterfalls was hidden around the corner from the main falls, and all of the people. Note the two logs framing the sides covered in ice as well.

Our final stop was Ash Cave. We saved this for our ‘grand finale’, however the cone at the bottom wasn’t nearly as tall as in previous years.

Still it is an impressive falls.

A close up of the ice ‘cone’ at the bottom with the mist of water barely visible in the center.

All in all it was a great day in the park, and my phone says I climbed the equivalent of 54 stories of a building! Exercise and photography, what could be better.

Bethlehem, PA – June 2018 – Steel Stacks

From 1915 until 1995 the Bethlehem Steel Works was one of the largest steel factories in America. As with much of the steel industry in America the facilities became aged and expensive and close.

Rather that tear the factory down Bethlehem took a novel approach and developed portions of it for a number of uses. Today their visitor center greets you as you arrive.

2018 06 01 4 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




Nearby they have added an amphitheater and the local PBS station.

2018 06 01 5 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg



While next door are vacant buildings.

2018 06 01 17 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg



The tallest stacks are over 200′ high.

2018 06 01 27 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




The entire facility is massive.

2018 06 01 29 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




Featuring a huge engine room.

2018 06 01 51 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




An elevated walkway parallels one side of the entire complex.

2018 06 01 52 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




It is always amazing how fast nature can take back over in inhospitable locations.

2018 06 01 59 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg



At the south end are more vacant buildings along with a new Sands Casino – a bizarre mix.

2018 06 01 70 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




One last look at the vacant mill.

2018 06 01 81 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




And the nearby buildings.

2018 06 01 86 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg




But some have been redeveloped into condos.

2018 06 01 104 Bethlehem PA Steel Stacks.jpg

Sands Point, NY – May 2018 – Sands Point Preserve

Our final stop on our tour of North Shore Mansions was Sands Point Preserve. This estate contains two primary mansions, the Hempstead House and Castle Gould.

Castle Gould was built to be a replica of Kilkenny Castle.



2018 05 29 1 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



Which from a distance has a strong resemblance.

2018 05 29 3 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



As with the other estates this one too borders the Long Island Sound. While these mansions remain much like they were 100 years ago, the others nearby have been torn down and replaced with modern houses.

2018 05 29 12 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



Back up on the hill you again get a nice water view.

2018 05 29 17 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



The Hempstead House features well kept gardens, although large tents mar the view (for all of those brides from Planting Fields I guess)

2018 05 29 20 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



This home too features a large turret.

2018 05 29 22 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



The entryway has massive wooden doors, with a smaller side door for actual use.

2018 05 29 25 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg



Clearly if you are going to visit Long Island Mansions of the past, don’t do it on a Tuesday – they are all closed to tours.

2018 05 29 31 Sands Point NY Sands Point Preserve.jpg

Lloyds Neck, NY – May 2018 – Caumsett State Park

Caumsett State Park is situated along the North Shore of Long island, with 1400 acres facing the Long Island Sound. Famed retailer Marshall Field built the estate in the mid 1920s, naming it after the Matinecock Native American’s word for ‘Place by a Sharp Rock’

The estate was purchased by the state of New York in 1961 as a park. The mansion itself is in need of some repair, although apparently birds like to live on the chimney.

2018 05 28 41 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park



As noted it is along the Sound, with a picturesque view.

2018 05 28 39 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg




Returning to our tour around the outside of the house (it is rarely open for interior tours) you can still see the details, as well as the need for some upkeep.

2018 05 28 43 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



Nearby a former garage serves as a gathering spot.

2018 05 28 45 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



Also on the property are other stately homes, although without the water views.

2018 05 28 48 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



One home is still in daily use.

2018 05 28 49 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



The estate was used for many equestrian events, as evidences by the many barns. Caumsett State Park is a nice place to hike with natural scenery, but with some investment the property could be brought back to be an impressive setting.

2018 05 28 50 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg

Watkins Glen, NY – May 2018 – The Glen

While I have known that Watkins Glen, New York had a true ‘glen’, I had always known if for the racetrack (see previous posting). On this day we spent a couple of hours exploring the park – and it was well worth it.

As we started down the 400′ deep ravine we had no idea what we were in for.

2018 05 25 309 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg



We went through a spiral staircase in a tunnel and came out to this – a nice 60′ waterfalls.

2018 05 25 289 Watkins Glen NY State Park




Which the path lead behind.

2018 05 25 295 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




On the other side was a view further down the ravine.

2018 05 25 297 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg




We opted to head up the gorge for an hour or so – a beautiful hike indeed.

2018 05 25 315 Watkins Glen NY State Park.jpg


New York City – April 2018 – Sunday Morning on the High Line

The High Line runs for about 1.5 miles across the lower west side of Manhattan. Originally an elevated freight line to get commerce in and out of the industrial and warehouses that once populated the area, it has been transformed into an urban park.

2018 04 29 13 New York City.jpg




Along much of the path the original rails have been retained and planted with native plants.

2018 04 29 15 New York City.jpg


A few spots traverse through the original buildings, all of which have been restored.

2018 04 29 16 New York City.jpg




One of the spur lines that went directly into a building is a ‘garden’. While it may look like weeds to most, they want it to look that way.  A tree many grow in Brooklyn but Manhattan has trendy weeds (and not those kind)

2018 04 29 18 New York City.jpg




There is some art work along the path as well.

2018 04 29 30 New York City.jpg




Recently it has been extended to the booming area of Hudson Yards.

2018 04 29 34 New York City.jpg

Columbus – August 2017 – Not the Normal Tourist Photos

The Scioto River runs through the middle of Columbus, and recently they have completed some fantastic improvements where the riverbanks are usable by people. This has lead to it becoming a favorite for residents and visitors alike. While downtown we took a long hike, which I focused on the less than standard tourist photos.


Symmetry in the supports for the freeway bridge across the river

2017 08 12 13 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



A wildlife preserve just south of downtown

2017 08 12 15 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



A railroad bridge crosses the path about 10′ above it.

2017 08 12 18 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



One of my favorite subjects is photos of people taking photos – especially in strange places such as on the railroad bridge (or in this case, just off since the train was coming through)

2017 08 12 21 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg



South entrance to the Scioto Mile.

2017 08 12 27 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.jpg